New to Coaching

If you would like to receive lessons please contact Andrew by calling or emailing. You can also start at any stage during a term. Initially, it is a simple process of identifying a lesson time that suits.

Please pass on your email address for ongoing correspondence. Once enrolled, please be aware that you will receive an email prior to each term to notify you of the upcoming term.

Current Player

If you currently have coaching with us your lesson time will remain the same from one term to the next unless otherwise discussed. Please see payment instructions below.


For all lesson types, payment for the term is due in full by the start of the first lesson of each term. Please have payment handed to the coach of your child(ren). If paying by cheque please make payable to ‘Tennis Matters’.

Please place fees in an envelope and place on the front:

a)  student first and last name(s);
b)  parent name(s);
c)  your email address if we don’t have it;
d)  any allergies or medical conditions.

If paying by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) details are:

ACCOUNT NAME Tennis Matters
BSB 033058

Please include the name of the student as the reference.

Please see ‘Lessons & Prices’ for the amount due.

Coaching will be held on public holidays and student free days if applicable with relevant coaching dates. Please check ‘Lessons & Prices’ for coaching dates.


If we declare a wash out for an evening’s coaching, this status will appear on this website (to the right of the screen) via our twitter feed. Therefore if you are unsure if coaching is on please check our website. If there isn’t a comment posted please assume coaching is going ahead. If there is some rain about this does not necessarily mean that coaching is cancelled.

Any Junior Group Coaching or peeWee format sessions officially declared a wash out will be made up during the holidays after each of terms 1, 2, and 3. For Term 4 wash outs, make-ups will fall to the scheduled session at the end of term 1 the following year. The schedule is below. There will be no further correspondence on this matter. Its your responsibility to turn up for any required make-ups.

Term 1      Wed 4th April, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.

Term 2      Wed 4th July, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.

Term 3      Wed 26th September, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.

For squad training and private lesson wash outs, Andrew or Stuart will arrange replacement sessions.


Junior Group Lesson & peeWee

Apart from lessons cancelled by Tennis Matters, missed lessons due to factors out of our control such as school camp, short term minor illness, dentist appointment, holiday, do not warrant a make up or reduced term fee.

Junior Group Lesson & peeWee players catch up on their absent time (during the course of their normal lessons) by receiving more instruction from their coach inclusive of hitting more balls when one or more of their lesson peers is absent.

Example 1 – in the event of there only being two players in the lesson, this is the equivalent to the cost of a Two Player Private Lesson effectively making up one lesson in one session.

 Example 2 – if there are more than two players present in a lesson that is not full for several lessons, players also gain back their missed instruction.

Example 3 – Private school kids do not receive a makeup or a refund for missing a day of school.

Private Lesson

Cancelled lessons will only made up if:

1. Lessons are cancelled by Tennis Matters;

2. If Andrew or Stuart are given notice of a non attendance by 1:00pm on the same day of the scheduled lesson due to being sick or school camp.

Warranted make up lessons are to be completed during the same term including the week following the end of term or forfeited. They do not carry over to the following term.  Missed lessons due to factors such as dentist appointment, short term holiday, and other personal commitments do not warrant a makeup or reduced term fee.


Please be aware that to be a permanent player in a competition team you must be a member of North Balwyn Tennis Club. See ‘Junior Competition’ heading for further details and join if required.