To enrol please contact Andrew by calling or emailing. Lessons can start at any stage throughout the year. Initially, it is a simple process of identifying the lesson format and lesson time that suits.



For all group lesson formats (Junior Group, Junior Squad & Adult Group) the only payment method available is Direct Debit via Ezidebit. When the lesson schedule is confirmed, a Direct Debit form will be provided to be filled out and submitted. Continuous payments of $45.00 fortnightly for Junior Group and $62.00 fortnightly for Junior Squad and Adult Group will be charged from the first lesson. Payments automatically flow from one year to the next.

Missed Lesson Makeup Procedure

In the event that your child cannot attend their normal class due to factors other than a rained out lesson, prior notice must be given to allow a makeup in another class. To arrange please contact Andrew or Stuart via text message only.

Cancelled Lessons due to Rain

If a lesson(s) is cancelled due to rain this status will appear on this website (to the right of the screen) via a twitter feed. Therefore if you are unsure if coaching is on please check our website. If there isn’t a comment posted please assume coaching is going ahead. If there is some rain about this does not necessarily mean that coaching is cancelled.In the event of cancelled lessons, makeups are held on the first Friday of school holidays at the end of terms 1, 2, & 3, 2:00pm-3:30pm (1.5hr session).

Putting Direct Debit on Hold or Ending Payments

Direct debit payments are continuous however can only be put on hold for school holiday periods at the end of school term 1, 2 and 3 for no more than two weeks at a time. Please note a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice must be given. For short term holidays during school term makeup classes can be arranged. Contact Andrew or Stuart to put on hold. To end direct debit payments if coaching is no longer required, 2 weeks’ notice is also required.


Cancelled lessons will only be made up if:

1. Lessons are cancelled by Tennis Matters;

2. If Andrew, Stuart or Dieter are given notice of a non attendance by 1:00pm on the same day of the scheduled lesson due to being sick or school camp.

Warranted make up lessons are to be completed during the same term including the week following the end of term or forfeited. They do not carry over to the following term.  Missed lessons due to factors such as dentist appointment, short term holiday, and other personal commitments do not warrant a makeup or reduced term fee.